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Saying Goodbye to your Pet...               


Pets are an important part of our lives, to some, as dear as a child or a close family member.  They enrich our lives beyond measure. They give us the comfort of their companionship and they accept us without criticism or judgement. But above all, they are able to provide us with unconditional love, something few people are capable of.


Preparing for the end of your pet's life is a difficult process and will require alot of decision making. The staff of Southtown Veterinary Hospital cares greatly about you and your pet and we will be here to guide and support you through this difficult time.


How to Prepare for Your Pet's Death

There are four important ways you can begin to heal the pain of losing your pet. Taking these steps before, during and after your pet's death will make your feelings of loss and grief more manageable.


1. Say Good-bye -  this doesn't mean you find ways to forget your pet, rather, you acknowledge your loss and find ways to allow the healing process to begin.

2. Make Decisions About Euthanasia -  Because you know your pet better than anyone else, you will know when the time is right for euthanasia. Dr. Bob is here to help you with that decision as well as educate you as to what takes place during the euthanasia process.

3. Taking Care of the Body - Home burial, or we can assist you with our cremation service with or without ashes returned to you.

4. Plan a Memorial - Make a scrapbook, or photo album of your pets pictures. Make a donation to a local animal shelter or charity in your pet's name. You can also send in your pet's picture to our on-line memorial.


* Southtown Veterinary Hospital has chosen Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park to assist us in the after care of your pet. They offer the following services: 

  • Transportation of your pet from our office to their facility.
  • Private family goodbyes or pet memorial services.
  • Large selection of urns and other memorial products.
  • Assistance with pet cemetary arrangements. 
  • Delivery of the urn with your pet's cremated remains to our office.