Southtown Veterinary Hospital

1806 Ridge Rd.
Montrose, PA 18801


Rebecca: Office Manager

Rebecca helped open Southtown Vet with her husband Dr. Bob and is so very proud of its growth.  While she spends much of her time taking care of things behind the scenes, you may see her in rooms as your pet's technician or at the front desk performing receptionist duties. No matter where she is, her trusted lab mix Maggie is sure to be right by her side.

Moving to Montrose in 2006, she was immediately touched by the warmth of the community and felt this was her home.  Her greatest joy is her family, including her two beautiful children, Alannah, and Lee John.   

When not at work she volunteers much of her time helping with her children's activities. She loves to plant flowers and is looking forward to landscaping the grounds of the new facility.  Other hobbies include cooking, baking, and her guilty pleasure...reality TV. 

When asked what is her favorite thing at Southtown Vet, Rebecca says, "Our team; I am so grateful for all the amazing people that work here.  We are a family."

Laurie: Tech Supervisor

Laurie is our tech supervisor/ anesthesiologist. She has lived in the area for over 10 years and resides with her husband and pet family which includes; two dogs, a few cats, and some chickens. Laurie says she has enjoyed working at STVH and being a part of our team since 2006. Her special interests include, anesthesia and caring for hospitalized patients. Laurie loves each and every animal that comes into this office but has very special place in her heart for kittens. Bring in the littlest, sickliest kitten and she will do everything and anything to nurse it back to health.

Missy: Vet Tech 

Missy has been working at Southtown Vet Hospital for over 5 years now. She has lived in the area with her husband and their two daughters for several years. Missy also has five cats, one dog, cows, goats, and tropical fish. Missy loves helping sick animals and helping them recover. She also loves playing with all the puppies and kittens!

Meganne: Team Supervisor

Meganne has lived in Montrose for several years with her husband. She has been working at Southtown Vet for over 4 years still enjoys coming to work every day. Meganne loves working both reception and as a vet tech. When she is a receptionist she enjoys helping to keep the hospital organized and posting pictures of patients on Facebook. She also enjoys the fast paced, hands on experience as a vet tech. In her spare time Meganne enjoys taking naps, crocheting, and spending time with her family.

Natasha: Vet Tech / Rehab

Natasha has lived in the area for her whole life and has loved animals since she was a baby. She's had several different kinds of pets, including gerbils, ferrets, horses, goats, chickens, bearded dragon, cats and dogs. She lives with her boyfriend and their dog Winston (pictured left) and two cats, DJ and Lizzo. In addition to her technician duties, Natasha also does the rehab here at Southtown Vet for dogs who can't walk or need to lose a little bit of weight. Natasha is very grateful for the opportunity to help animals in need.

April: Vet Tech

April has lived in the area for her whole life . She currently lives in New York with her three cats, Berick, Mina and Ginny, her roommate and her cat, Vorhees. April loves learning how to better care for her patients here at Southtown, as well as educating their owners. She loves working with her team and feels they all work very well together. In her spare time, April enjoys baking and going to the movies.

Chrissy: Receptionist

Chrissy was born in the area and has moved all over, but always finds herself moving back home to Susquehanna County. She enjoys the quiet country life and loves how our small community is always willing to help each other out. Chrissy lives with her husband, daughter and her pets: she has three dogs, Gizmo, Zoe, and Chester (pictured above), two rabbits, Latte and Copper, and one tortoise, Pistachio. Chrissy enjoys working alongside her coworkers, learning new things, and getting puppy kisses. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, crafting, and spending time with her family.

Christine: Vet Tech Assistant

 Christine was born and raised in Meshoppen, where she currently resides with her two cats, her black lab, and her chickens. Obtaining her Bachelors in Wildlife Biology, she hopes to one day work with exotic animals or marine life. Christine loves waking up in the morning to go to work with an amazing team and wonderful pets at Southtown Vet. Her favorite things about being a vet tech assistant are the daily mental and physical challenges, and knowing animal health is everyone's top priority. When not working, Christine enjoys lifting, watching movies, cuddling her calves, enjoying outdoor activities, and living a healthy, natural, eco and animal friendly lifestyle.

Rachel: Receptionist

Rachel is newer to the Montrose area, but her love for animals has always been a constant. She's been working at Southtown Vet for over a Year. She has three dogs (River, Shasta, and Loki) as well as multiple rabbits, goats, and rats. Rachel love working here as a receptionist with her awesome team and enjoys greeting clients and helping them give their pets the best care possible. Her hobbies include cuddling her animals, crafting, painting, outdoor activities, and medieval reenactment.

Summer: Vet Tech

Summer has lived in the area for 20 years and enjoys the small town live. She lives with her family and two cats and one dog. Summer truly enjoys caring for patients and helping to educate owners when it comes to helping their pets. In her free time she enjoys spending time her kids, outdoor activities, and cooking.

 Jon: Vet Tech

Jon has lived in the area his whole life, and he loves the scenery and natural aspects of PA. He lives with his parents, three dogs, two cats, several chickens, and a duck. He loves all types of critters and is ecstatic to come to work everyday he gets to work with and care for animals. His favorite part of working at Southtown is the animals and his "Dream Team". His hobbies include hiking and rock climbing, chicken keeping, dancing, gardening, playing the drums and banjo. He also enjoys crafts. Jon is currently attending veterinary school to become a veterinarian!