Southtown Veterinary Hospital

1806 Ridge Rd.
Montrose, PA 18801


Rebecca: Office Manager

Rebecca helped open Southtown Vet with her husband Dr. Bob and is so very proud of its growth.  While she spends much of her time taking care of things behind the scenes, you may see her in rooms as your pet's technician or at the front desk performing receptionist duties.

Moving to Montrose in 2006, she was immediately touched by the warmth of the community and felt this was her home.  Her greatest joy is her family, including her two beautiful children, Alannah, and Lee John.   

When not at work, she spends most of her time volunteering in the community and at her church. She runs a monthly food pantry that assists 200+ families and started a program to give out pet food to needy patrons when coming through the distribution.  Most recently Rebecca’s time is filled with training the new family puppy, Bettie, who is always at the office with her. 

When asked what is her favorite thing at Southtown Vet, Rebecca says, "Our team; I am so grateful for all the amazing people that work here.  We are a family."

Laurie: Tech Supervisor

Laurie is our tech supervisor/ anesthesiologist. She has lived in the area for over 10 years and resides with her husband and pet family which includes; two dogs, a few cats, and some chickens. Laurie says she has enjoyed working at STVH and being a part of our team since 2006. Her special interests include, anesthesia and caring for hospitalized patients. Laurie loves each and every animal that comes into this office but has very special place in her heart for kittens. Bring in the littlest, sickliest kitten and she will do everything and anything to nurse it back to health.

Missy: Vet Tech 

Missy has been putting up with us at STVH since 2006! She is a wife, mother, and the GOAT of technicians. She enjoys the simple things in her backwoods way of life Missy is lover of cooking/baking, long walks on the beach, Pepsi, and all things sarcastic and humorous.

Natasha: Vet Tech / Rehab

Natasha has lived in the area for her whole life and has loved animals since she was a baby. She's had several different kinds of pets, including gerbils, ferrets, horses, goats, chickens, bearded dragon, cats and dogs. She lives with her boyfriend and their dog Winston (pictured left) and two cats, DJ and Lizzo. In addition to her technician duties, Natasha also does the rehab here at Southtown Vet for dogs who can't walk or need to lose a little bit of weight. Natasha is very grateful for the opportunity to help animals in need.

Jon: Vet Tech

Jon worked with us through high school and his undergrad and Penn State. Over the years he became known as “the chicken guy” for his love of helping poultry. During Covid he was instrumental in keeping our spirits up and our hospital going. We sent him off with smiles, tears, hopes and dreams to Alaska to start Veterinary school in 2021.

Allie: Technician

Allie joined or team with years of assistant experience in another state. She came to STVH to be able to learn how to have more hands on care with the patients and nurture her passion to get sick and/or injured pets better and back home with their families. She says she thinks the people in our area are extremely nice and make her feel at home. Allie has always had a love of all animals and currently has four coonhounds, one minpin and 14 chickens. When not at work, she enjoys hunting and spending time with her husband and young daughter.


Callie moved here from Arizona with a background in cosmetology but quickly fell in love with this field; So much so that she started taking classes to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Leaving behind her family dog and cat was hard but knew it was something she had to do to be in an area that appealed to her. She says her parents have always supported her in anything that she does. Her favorite thing about working at STVH is the amount of things she learns here every day. She has always loved animals and it says it is very fulfilling o know that her efforts have helped someone’s pet(s). At home she has a cat named Freya and a tank full of snails. In her spare time she enjoys all that NEPA has to offer, hiking, camping and fishing. She also enjoys music and art and will sing or paint anytime she can!

Chrissy: Receptionist

Chrissy was born in the area and has moved all over, but always finds herself moving back home to Susquehanna County. She enjoys the quiet country life and loves how our small community is always willing to help each other out. Lives with husband, two daughters, her three dogs, Zoe, Ruby and Gizmo, 3 cats, Loki, Mudkip and Hamilton Borchno Herpes III, and one tortoise, pistachio. Chrissy enjoys working alongside her coworkers, learning new things, and getting puppy kisses. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, crafting, and spending time with her family and is a foster mom extraordinaire..

Michelle: Receptionist

Michelle thought she would just come in and help one day…and then we suckered her in to coming back…lol. Born and raised overseas, Michelle has been local for ten years after living in Massachusetts much of her adult life. At home with her husband they have Molly, a American Staffordshire terrier/lab mix, Lil Miss a spicy tortie and Oliver a typical fat orange fellow. She is also a proud Mom of three and Grandmother of four. Growing up she had lots of animals to take care of including, hamsters, gerbils, mice guinea pigs, turtles, hermit crabs, fish, cats and dogs. Now she takes care of her pets as well as her beloved aging father. She says she finds the work here fascinating and thinks the “exotic” patients the most thrilling. Michelle loves county living and homesteading and when not here you may find her hiking with Molly, fishing, hunting, or skiing (snow and water).

Riley: Receptionist

If you call to make an appointment there is a good chance you might speak with Riley, there is also a good chance that she may have had experience with the species of animal you are calling about as she has had dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, leopard geckos and ducks. She currently has a senior yorkie-shihtzu mix and pitbull that survived parvo virus at 7 weeks old. She has worked at Animal Adventure for many years and is hoping to get some tech time in at STVH soon. . Steve Irwin had a huge impact on her growing up and has inspired her to understand all living things. She credits her Mother for nurturing this interest, her younger sister for always supporting her and her longtime boyfriend for giving her the encouragement that she needs When she is not here, she enjoys watching movies, especially horror films and working on cars.


Sam is currently a high school senior at Elk Lake High School (graduating class of 2023) and has lived in the area her whole life. She has an Irish setter named Simon and two cats, Tip(white tabby) and Oliver(gray tabby).

Her hobbies include Playing video games, building computers, creating art, drawing, crochet, photography, playing clarinet and saxophone, acting, singing, and hiking. 

Sam loves being able to provide assistance for her fellow coworkers as well as learn from them! She plans on majoring in environmental science in college…and if you ask us, we know she will go out and help make our world a bit better!