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What are they? These tools are used to help a dog with a spinal injury to

regain balance and strengthen the trunk muscles. Stretching may also be a

benefit of using a theraball or physioroll. We may use them to teach or

encourage a dog to use a limb, or limbs, he has been unwilling to bear weight

on. Gentle rocking while on the ball or board stimulates the dog to shift its

weight and compensate for motion. This not only improves balance but also

works and strengthens core body muscles ? those of the back, chest and


Many dogs seem to really like these activities and get very relaxed.

On the theraball or physioroll the pet?s weight is supported. On the balance

board the dog is standing on its own.


How long does it take? These pieces of equipment are usually only used a

few minutes at a time. Pets with spinal injuries can tire very quickly. We may

do these exercises multiple times a day with spinal patients, however